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Get your valuable feedback regarding our STEM hands-on learning trainer kits!

  • Wonderful project! How can I donate?
    Thank you for your interest! We set a goal to establish a strong EdTech company, with a professional team, community and high-level of social responsibility, where we can see our solution both at MIT and Busitema Universities. Today’s students need creative thinking of innovation and original solutions. In STEM the conversion from skills to real-world practice is so time-consuming and effortful, because of lack of the technology students usually do not achieve the expected outcome and that makes most of them disappointed. This issue is more complicated in countries with low economic income. We are glad to any kind of help\piece of advice/support. Please be free to get in contact with us: Thank you!
  • For whom it is intended?
    PinoKIT is specially developed for STEM "Science, Technology Engineering, and Math" educational institutions to increase the effectiveness and productivity of learning processes. High Schools Colleges Universities
  • What can I do with PinoKIT?
    PinoKIT allows students to visually see the processes written in textbooks and do highly visualized hands-on experiments themselves. Learning by experience helps young people to memorize the material for a long time and makes the learning process more productive and effective.
  • How many pupils/students can work simultaneously?
    For high effectiveness, it is advised to have a maximum of 2 pupils/students for each PinoKIT trainer.
  • Do I need buy Raspberry PI separately?
    PinoKIT is the first complete disciplinary trainer kit based on Raspberry Pi. In general, it is a HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) module specially designed to work with ONLY "3B, 3B+" model (tested). The set INCLUDES Raspberry PI.
  • How long is the warranty?
    Each PinoKIT Trainer Kit comes with one year of warranty from the date of purchase.
  • Can we make a custom board?
    We plan to develop trainer boards for Physics, Electronics, and Mechanics disciplines in the coming future. If you cannot wait and need custom boards, you are free to get in contact with us: (the MOQ is important).
  • Want to become a partner?
    You are always welcome. If you are interested to be our distributor/partner please be free to get in contact with us:


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