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A complete digital logic circuits trainer based on Raspberry Pi. Understand the theories and applications of digital logic circuits. Suitable for both technicians and college students in the electronic and electrical majors.

Digital Logic Trainer

  • The PinoKIT Digital Logic Trainer is designed to implement a large variety of basic circuits for experimentation. The Digital Logic Trainer can be used for experiments beginning with basic logic gates "OR, NOR, AND, NAND, XOR, NOT" and their truth tables and continuing on to a study of combinational and sequentia logic circuits. 

    The Trainer Kit Includes:

    • Educational Curriculum\User Manual
    • Installed Special User-Friendly Software
    • Raspberry PI 3B+, 
    • Cables for experiments
    • Power Adapter



    • Logic Gates and Their Truth Tables
    • Derived logic gates’ circuits based on basic logic gates
    • Multiplexer- Demultiplexer
    • Encoder-Decoder
    • S-R Latch, 
    • Gated S-R Latch, 
    • D Flip-Flop
    • Digital Comparator
    • Adders
    • Subtractors
    • NAND Logic ...
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